We are a family enterprise dedicated to the export of Persian lime, with more than 15 years of experience on the American, European and Asian markets.

We are certificated in: Primus GFS and Pollution Risk Reduction Systems.

We are compromised with the quality and innocuousness of our product.

Packed with the highest standards of quality.

Taking care of the integrity of our product from its selection up to the delivery.


We are held to produce and commercialize Persian lime of quality to satisfy the national and international market, looking for a sustainable growth and results of excellence, providing economic and social stability.


Our vision 2017

  • To be a company compromised in spite of providing our clients with Persian lime of premium quality for the major satisfaction of the final consumer.
  • To support a strict control in the quality of our processes of selection and infrastructure.
  • Holistic vision of sustainable growth towards a financial solidity.
  • To generate a suitable labor environment for our collaborators, contributing to the community.