Exportadora de cítricos y otros productos del Estado de Veracruz SA de CV Emily Limes

Exportadora de cítricos y otros productos del Estado de Veracruz is a company 100% Mexican located in Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz; region characterized by the production and quality of Persian lime worldwide. We work with 200 producers of Persian lime, promoting the development of the Mexican field.

Emily limes emerges to represent the main characteristics of our company, focusing on the hard work of our staff (mainly female), our social commitment and safety throughout the entire process we carry out.

Contributions to the community and the environment

At Emily Limes we are a company committed to our environment, with the environment that surrounds us and especially with each one of our collaborators, that is why we focus on creating culture involving the generation of the future children and young people of today.

We give the opportunity to different young people of the institutions of superior level to interact with our personnel and thus to generate in them new practical knowledge of the work environment that they do not acquire in the classroom, allowing to collaborate in projects that allow them their professional development.

We encourage the creativity and development of new skills among our collaborators, obtaining new knowledge through different activities.

Each day is different, each generation is different, each company is different, but each action makes you mark more those big differences.